Los Angeles based, Venezuelan artist Marinés Adrianza took to creative expression and a sensory approach to learning from an early age. This eventually led to her strong interest in the experiential nature of mixed media and frequent use of it in her work – a lot of which channels her studies of psychology and ongoing curiosity about human behavior and emotion.
Self trained, Marinés, describes her process as “freeing from the stringent perfectionist bounds of conventional realism” and the traditional art schooling of the Academy.
Adrianza studied psychology at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello before moving to Miami to study interior design. Her work was most recently featured in the City of Los Angeles Latino Heritage Month Calendar. Adrianza has a special mention in Create! Magazine and Juniper Rag Magazine.
 When she’s not involved in the making or contemplation of art and macro photography, she is furthering her sensory education in the kitchen, and in the wild.
2022   Las Laguna Art Gallery (Group), Laguna Beach, CA
2022   Doral Contemporary Art Museum (Group), Miami Fl
2022   MIEL, (Group) Los Angeles, CA
2022   WOMEN UNITED ART MOVEMENT (Group), Online Exhibit
2022   LIMINAL, (Group) Los Angeles, Ca
2022   ORIGIN (Group)  Worcester, MA
2018   CONEXIONES, (Solo) Pasadena, CA
2017   UNNAMED,  (Group) Los Angeles, CA.

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