In my experience, healing begins with understanding – particularly of oneself. The journey to self-awareness, however, isn’t a linear one. Life is fraught with distraction, pursued at speeds that can prevent us from feeling, and obstructed by dozens of overlapping and unconscious patterns of behavior.  
The “Look Deeper Project” series was borne of my desire to know myself and others in a more meaningful way. This work is a reminder to look beyond the veneer of the present and what we want to see, for answers. There are limitations to what the eye and the ego can process at first glance. Both have been conditioned to discern in ways that perhaps are no longer useful - if they were ever healthy.
To grow and to heal, we must consider that the truth of who we are is deeper than the first impressions, physical appearances and archetypes that too quickly and too easily influence our perception. We must slow down enough to take our whole selves and others’ whole selves in.
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